천연가스 기반 스팀 리포밍 수소 생산 시스템 설계를 위한 시스템엔지니어링 접근방법: 철강생산플랜트를 중심으로

Kim, Joon-Young;Hong, Dae Geun;Suh, Suk-Hwan;Sur, Hwal Won

  • 발행 : 2015.06.30


Steam Reforming H2 Generation (SRH2G) System is a chemical process to produce hydrogen through steam reforming of hydrocarbon. Largely speaking, there are two types of materials for the SRH2G: 1) Oil and coal, and 2)Natural Gas such as shale gas. From the perspective of cost, quality (purity), and environmental burden (pollution), the latter is much more desirable than the former. For this reason, research on SRH2G using natural gas is actively carried out, and implemented and operated in the various industry. In this paper, we develop a natural gas based SRH2G system via systems engineering approach. Specifically, we first derived stakeholder requirements, followed by systems requirements and finally system architecture via a tailored SE process for plant (called Plant Systems Engineering (PSE) process) based on ISO/IEC 15288. The developed method was applied to iron and steel plant as a case study. Through the case study, by the SE approach, we were convinced that a successful system satisfying stakeholders' requirements within the given constraints can be developed, verified and validated.


Steam Reforming Hydrogen Generation;Natural Gas;Systems Engineering;Plant Systems Engineering;Plant Concept Design;Technical Process


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