시스템엔지니어링 기반의 스마트 안전관리 시스템설계: 작업자와 이동 장비를 중심으로

Kim, Hyoung Min;Yoon, Sung Jae;Hong, Dae Guen;Suh, Suk-Hwan

  • 발행 : 2015.12.31


Industrial safety is one of the crucial agenda for Government as well as Manufacturing Industry. To cope with the needs, a great deal of policies and technical implementation have been proposed and implemented. With a great increasing attention on the Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory, industrial safety has received as a crucial agenda by the manufacturing industry in particular. Up until now, almost all of them have been made from the environmental aspects, rather than operator or workers. In this paper, we present our research results how to increase the workers' safety via smart factory technology, such as IoT and CPS. Our approach has been to see the problem from SE perspectives, to draw the real issues from the various stakeholders, and define how to solve the problem based on the emerging technologies. The developed systems can give conceptual framework for the 'smart' industrial safety system by providing solution architecture for how to monitor the location of workers, and moving equipments, and generate solutions how to avoid safety problems between them if detected.


Safety system;System engineering;System Architecture;Monitoring system;Shopfloor;Sensor network


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