Modelica를 이용한 헬기 로터 블레이드 동적해석 M&S 모델 개발

Park, Joongyong

  • 발행 : 2015.12.31


This paper describes modeling & simulation(M&S) model for dynamic analysis of helicopter rotor blades. Simulation model is developed using Dymola tool which implements the open source language - Modelica. Modelica is appropriate for developing multibody dynamic analysis model. To develop an M&S model efficiently, model based systems engineering(MBSE) is applied. Some diagrams such as requirement diagram, block definition diagram and sequence diagram etc. are drawn to capture the concept of M&S model. This activity is done utilizing the open source tool - Papyrus.


Modelica;Modeling & Simulation;MBSE;SysML


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