• Received : 2014.03.11
  • Published : 2015.03.31


Let $\mathbb{G}$ be a von Neumann algebraic locally compact quantum group, in the sense of Kustermans and Vaes. In this paper, as a consequence of a notion of amenability for actions of Lau algebras, we show that $\hat{\mathbb{G}}$, the dual of $\mathbb{G}$, is co-amenable if and only if there is a state $m{\in}L^{\infty}(\hat{\mathbb{G}})^*$ which is invariant under a left module action of $L^1(\mathbb{G})$ on $L^{\infty}(\hat{\mathbb{G}})^*$. This is the quantum group version of a result by Stokke [17]. We also characterize amenable action of Lau algebras by several properties such as fixed point property. This yields in particular, a fixed point characterization of amenable groups and H-amenable representation of groups.


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