Validity experiment of dipping method in the manufacture of metal-ceramic substructure

금속 도재 하부구조물 제작 시 침적법의 타당도 실험

  • Lee, Wan-Sun (Department of Health Science, Graduate school, Korea University) ;
  • Im, Su-Yeon (Department and Research Institute of Dental Bioengineering, Yonsei University) ;
  • Kim, Wook-Tae (Department of Dental Technology & Science, Shin-Han University)
  • 이완선 (고려대학교 보건과학 대학원) ;
  • 임수현 (연세대학교 치과생체재료공학교실) ;
  • 김욱태 (신한대학교 치기공학과)
  • Received : 2014.11.06
  • Accepted : 2015.01.08
  • Published : 2015.03.31


Purpose: The main purpose of this study is to suggest application plan of dipping method by comparing & analysing the difference between addition method and dipping method in the manufacture of metal-ceramic substructure of maxillary central incisor (#1), followed by assessing the work efficiency. Materials and Methods: Master die and hard plaster-copied one were produced and then a total of 20 copies, 10 copies for each through addition method and dipping method, were manufactured and experimented. Copings were fixed on the abutment model and invested in epoxy mounting cup. Samples were cut in labial and lingual direction, using cutter and then rubbed on sandpaper, whose 4 points were measured by using digital microscope. Results: The comparison of mean values by using t-test, parametric statistical method, shows overall significant difference (P < 0.05). Conclusion: The result of this study can be suggested as an application plan, since there is no significant difference between addition method and dipping method in the manufacture of metal-ceramic substructure.


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