Experiment to Calculate the Dosage of Radiopharmaceutical Products during the Bone Scan Tests

Bone Scan 검사 시 실제 환자에게 투여되는 용량 계산을 위한 실험

  • 이왕희 (가천대 길병원 핵의학과) ;
  • 안성민 (가천대학교 방사선학과)
  • Received : 2014.12.22
  • Accepted : 2015.02.26
  • Published : 2015.04.28


In this experiment, we are to know the administered radioactivity in the actual patients by measuring the remained radioactivity when administering the isotope with noted MDP, the radiopharmaceutical product, to 50 visited patients for the bone scan, confirmed the radioactivity administered to actual patients. We confirmed the actual administered amount of remained radioactivity in the syringe and 3-way by using a gauger after administering the isotope with MDP noted via 3-way with 50 patients maintaining 3-way after CT or MRI among the visited patients for the bone scan in the department of nuclear medicine. As a result of radioactivity in the 3-way and syringe pre and post injection of radiopharmaceutical products in 50 patients, average radioactivity of pre-injection is 31.75 mCi, average remained radioactivity in the syringes after injection is 1.22 mCi, and the average remained radioactivity in 3-way after injection is 0.95 mCi. The average of actual administered radioactivity is 29.57, so it is obvious that average 2.18 mCi was administered for less than the dosage that we initially intended to inject. When determining the dosage in view of the radioactivity that remains in the 3-way with the syringe, it would be possible to accurately dose the desired dosage to be administered to actual patients.


Bone Scan;Nuclear Medicine


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