Implementation of Academic Journal Map based on Electronic Cultural Atlas using Google Maps

구글맵스 전자문화지도 기반의 학술지 지도 구현

Kang, Ji-Hoon;Moon, Sang-Ho

  • Received : 2015.01.06
  • Accepted : 2015.02.16
  • Published : 2015.04.30


With the growing interests in ICT convergence, interdisciplinary researches are still actively discussed and studied today such as cultural atlas DB, electronic cultural atlas. Electronic cultural atlas can show various cultural aspects on the map by using point, line, polygon, and so on. Users can obtain the informations connected to the three values through manipulating theme, spatial and time values. In this regard, text information can be visualized as various ways like point, line, and polygon on the map. This can make the user get information effectively by usability, accessibility and immediacy of the system. In this paper, we implemented academic journal map system based on the electronic cultural atlas using Google Maps. This system supports various journals information services based on electronic cultural atlas and can be used efficiently as a tool for academic trends analysis. Also, it provides academic material through visualization of information based on the map. In detail, it can be utilized as the foundations for research of Humanities and Area Studies.


Academic Journal Map;Electronic Cultural Atlas;Knowledge Maps;Humanities·Area Studies


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