Estimation of Transmissivity Using Parameters of Groundwater Table Fluctuation Model

지하수위 변동 해석모델의 매개변수를 이용한 투수량계수 추정

  • Received : 2015.01.13
  • Accepted : 2015.04.08
  • Published : 2015.04.30


As hydrogeologic parameters such as hydraulic conductivity and specific yield are estimated by aquifer test, these are dependent on specific points at which field test was conducted. To overcome these site-specific limitations, a method of estimating transmissivity of aquifer using distribution features for parameters in Water table fluctuation model is newly suggested. Distribution features in reaction factor, specific yield and transmissivity having the function of pore space in aquifer are used to derive empirical equation for estimating transmissivity. From the result for applying the equation for 10 groundwater stations in Northeast Jeju Island, this equation is available for estimating transmissivity compared to the value estimated by existing equations. The estimated transmissivity ranged from 14.2 to $3,716.9m^2/day$, and its average was $821.8m^2/day$.


Water table fluctuation model;Reaction factor;Specific yield;Transmissivity


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