Experimental Study of Adaptive Sliding Mode Control for Vibration of a Flexible Rectangular Plate

  • Yang, Jingyu ;
  • Liu, Zhiqi ;
  • Cui, Xuanming ;
  • Qu, Shiying ;
  • Wang, Chu ;
  • Lanwei, Zhou ;
  • Chen, Guoping
  • Received : 2014.11.05
  • Accepted : 2015.03.02
  • Published : 2015.03.30


This paper aims to address the intelligent active vibration control problem of a flexible rectangular plate vibration involving parameter variation and external disturbance. An adaptive sliding mode (ASM) MIMO control strategy and smart piezoelectric materials are proposed as a solution, where the controller design can deal with problems of an external disturbance and parametric uncertainty in system. Compared with the current 'classical' control design, the proposed ASM MIMO control strategy design has two advantages. First, unlike existing classical control algorithms, where only low intelligence of the vibration control system is achieved, this paper shows that high intelligent of the vibration control system can be realized by the ASM MIMO control strategy and smart piezoelectric materials. Second, the system performance is improved due to two additional terms obtained in the active vibration control system. Detailed design principle and rigorous stability analysis are provided. Finally, experiments and simulations were used to verify the effectiveness of the proposed strategy using a hardware prototype based on NI instruments, a MATLAB/SIMULINK platform, and smart piezoelectric materials.


Plate Vibration;Active Control;ASM MIMO Controller;Intelligent Experimental ASM MIMO Control System;Smart Piezoelectric Materials


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Grant : Research on Intelligent Integrated Control of Coupling between Space Solar Power Station Structure Vibration and Attitude Control, Exploration and Practice of 'Theory + Interesting + Research' Innovative Teaching Mode