The Characteristics on the Housing Plan of Yongho-dong Policy Migration Refugees Village Since the Early 1970's in Busan

1970년대 초 부산 용호동 정책이주마을의 주택평면변화 특성

  • Kim, Young Yun ;
  • Kim, Jun ;
  • Yoo, Jae-Woo
  • 김용운 ;
  • 김준 ;
  • 유재우
  • Received : 2015.02.05
  • Accepted : 2015.05.18
  • Published : 2015.05.30


This research is concerning on changing residential space of enforced migrant residential housing area for migration refugees in the early 1970s, Busan. Research method is as follows. Dedicated on-site investigation for possible cooperation residents housing 25 households, conducted the actual survey residents wrote the actual figures. The results were as follows. First, after enlargement size is $34.79{\sim}67.84m^2$, currently the average area per generation after enlargement was enlarged about 1.5 times the initial move appeared to $50.33m^2$. Second, the public space is from 3K type 2~3L-K, 2~4L-DK, 2~3LDK to appeared in various aspects. The average floor area of the room is a private area of two generations(8/25 generation) $50.26m^2$, total floor area of the room with three generations(17/25), and there was little variety in the same area as level as a flat $50.63m^2$. Thirdly, in the concrete support filled(infilled) with a variety of structures is a space with a flat construction spatial and differentiation in various forms by small spatial units, which develop properties and derive a time series floor plan various in the representation a comprehensively analyzed.


Busan migration refugees village;adjusting dwelling plan;changing housing plan;support and infill


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