Steven Holl's Approaches and Planning Characteristics Based on Urban Porosity in the Multi Complexes

스티븐 홀의 복합 프로젝트에 나타난 도시 다공성(多孔性:porosity) 접근 방식과 계획적 특성

  • Kim, Soomi
  • 김수미
  • Received : 2015.02.05
  • Accepted : 2015.05.12
  • Published : 2015.05.30


In the recent complex projects of Steven Holl, it tends to appear that phenomenological approaches in Holl's architecture are extended to the urban scale and urban porosity has been represented. This could be led by long period's experiments about porosity and architectural application of Menger's Sponge theory. Along with this, multi complex projects in Steven Holl's architecture were successfully accomplished representing various characteristics of urban porosity. Therefore, this study aims to find out Steven Holl's approaches and planning characteristics based on urban porosity and with this, to review architectural and urban values. The results are as follows. Firstly, in the formal approaches, they showed that typological analysis referenced from the city with variously presenting urban porosity. Secondly, in the connecting way among the masses, connecting bridges with porosity were represented. Thirdly, phenomenological spaces were converged to the realm of urban environmental publicity connecting with the urban environmental issues.


Multi Complex Projects;Phenomenology;Urbanism;Pore Relationships;Displacement Space and Multi Layer;Urban Porosity;Spatial Porosity;Environmental Porosity;Urban Publicity and Regeneration


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