A Study on the Development of Impact Analysis Model of Roll Control System for Course Correction Munition

탄도 수정탄 롤제어시스템 충격해석 모델 개발에 관한 연구

  • Received : 2014.06.19
  • Accepted : 2015.05.25
  • Published : 2015.08.01


Course correction munition are a weapson system for precision attacks and are assembled by applying a ballistic control system to existing projectiles. The roll control system is a subsystem of the ballistic control system and is placed between the guidance and control units inside of the projectile, which undergoes a 5000g lateral acceleration. Thus, it is very important to design the system to endure this load. Many developed countries evaluate the performance and safety of course correction munitions' parts using live-fire gun launch tests or a soft recovery system. However, these methods are expensive and slow. Thus, in this study, we develop impact analysis model of the roll control system using CAE. We apply the code to simulate impact phenomenon and use Johnson-Cook material model for modeling the high strain rate effect on the materials. We also design bearings in detail to analyze their behavior and verify the reliability of CAE model through gas-gun impact tests of the roll control system.


Course Correction Munition;Roll Control System;Explicit Code;Impact Analysis;Johnson-Cook Material


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