The Effect of Achievement Needs and Entrepreneurship on the Start-up Intention: Focus on Mediation Role of Start-up Motivation

성취욕구와 창업가정신이 창업의지에 미치는 영향: 창업동기의 매개역할을 중심으로

  • Received : 2015.05.14
  • Accepted : 2015.06.29
  • Published : 2015.06.30


This study looked into entrepreneur-like psychological characteristics such as achievement needs and entrepreneurship including start-up motivation in order to discover factors that would affect start-up intention which can be referred to as an origin of start-up vitalization and to discuss causal relations among the factors. In other words, the study took a look into how both achievement needs and entrepreneurship would influence start-up intention as focusing on mediating roles of start-up motivation. To achieve the research goal, the study conducted an empirical analysis on a total of 181 samples of survey gathered from founders of these companies that had moved into a start-up support center. Findings of the analysis reported that first of all, achievement needs and entrepreneurship have positive effects on start-up motivation, and the study confirmed that the two variables work as antecedent variables of start-up motivation. Second of all, start-up motivation is significantly connected to start-up intention, and that definitely proved precedence relation following relation between the two variables. Third of all, mediating effects of start-up motivation on relations among start-up needs, entrepreneurship and start-up intention which are said to be cores of this study were observed. To sum up, the study learned that start-up motivation as a mediator contributes to how achievement needs and entrepreneurship would strengthen start-up intention. In conclusion, the study suggests that these entrepreneur-like psychological characteristics such as achievement needs, entrepreneurship and especially start-up motivation should be improved if anyone would like to increase start-up intention. Based on results presented above, the study offers theoretical and practical implications in relation to start-up intention.

본 연구는 창업 활성화의 근원이라 할 수 있는 창업의지에 영향을 주는 요인들을 발굴하고 이들 간의 인과관계를 밝혀 보고자, 창업동기를 비롯한 성취욕구와 창업가정신과 같은 창업가적 심리특성을 살펴보았다. 다시 말해서, 창업동기의 매개역할을 중심으로 성취욕구 및 창업가정신이 창업의지에 미치는 영향관계를 고찰하였다. 이를 위하여 창업보육기관 입주기업의 창업자들로부터 회수한 설문지 181부를 실증 분석하였다. 분석결과, 첫째, 성취욕구와 창업가정신이 창업동기에 긍정적인 영향을 미침으로써, 이 두 변수가 창업동기의 선행변수인 것으로 나타났다. 둘째, 창업동기가 창업의지에 유의적인 영향을 줌으로써, 이 두 변수의 선 후행관계가 명확히 밝혀졌다. 셋째, 본 연구의 핵심이라 할 수 있는 성취욕구 및 창업가정신과 창업의지 간에 창업동기의 매개효과를 보였다. 다시 말해서, 창업동기가 성취욕구 및 창업가정신으로 하여금 창업의지를 더욱 강화시켜 줄 수 있는 매개역할을 하는 것으로 나타났다. 결국 창업의지를 높이기 위해서는 성취욕구, 창업가정신, 특히 창업동기와 같은 창업가적 심리특성을 강화시켜야만 한다. 이와 같은 본 연구결과를 바탕으로, 창업의지관련 이론적 시사점은 물론 실무적 시사점을 제공하고자 한다.