A Survey on the Contamination of Ventilation Duct in Apartment Houses

공동주택 환기덕트 오염도 실태조사

  • Hwang, In-Tae ;
  • Kim, Hyung-Geun ;
  • Kim, Mi-Yeon ;
  • Ann, Tae-Kyung ;
  • Park, Jin Chul
  • 황인태 ;
  • 김형근 ;
  • 김미연 ;
  • 안태경 ;
  • 박진철
  • Received : 2015.02.05
  • Accepted : 2015.08.04
  • Published : 2015.08.30


This study was conducted to investigate contamination in the ventilation ducts in 32 apartment houses in Seoul. Duct contamination measurements were used based on endoscope camera. The results are as follows; In the case of ceiling heat exchangers, contamination in the exhaust diffuser areas of kitchen was severe. Also contamination in the case of under floor ventilation was serious at outdoor air-introduction components and the elbow areas of lower machine parts. To compare analyses of contamination level according to the installation of damper in ventilation system, intalled dampers contamination level on the floor ventilation types were higher than the ceiling ventilation types. According to the result of duct contamination measurement in apartment houses, the installation of dampers revealed importance factors in the contamination of microorganisms such as bacteria and mold.


Apartment Houses;Ventilation Duct(Ceiling & Under floor type);Contamination(bacteria and mold);Survey


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