Vascular Plants of Hak Reservoir Valley in Korea DMZ Area

DMZ 인근 학저수지 유역의 관속식물상

  • Received : 2015.01.26
  • Accepted : 2015.06.08
  • Published : 2015.08.31


This survey was conducted in order to investigate the vascular plants of Hak Reservoir Valley in the DMZ Area, Korea. The vascular plants were collected six times (from April 2014 to November 2014) and consisted a total of 238 taxa; 69 families, 172 genera, 206 species, 2 subspecies, 26 varieties and 4 forms. The observed rare plant species as designated by Korea Forest Service were 3 taxa including Carex capricornis Meinsh. ex Maxim., Acorus calamus L., Penthorum chinense Pursh. Endemic plant species were 2 taxa including Salix koriyanagi Kimura, Clematis brachyura Maxim. 17 taxa were listed as specific plant species based on phytogeographical in the investigated area. 25 taxa were recorded as naturalized plants, and their Naturalization Ratio and Urbanization Index were recorded as 10.46%, and 7.78%, respectively. Of the 238 taxa listed; 105 were pasturing plants, 92 edible plants, 76 medicinal plants, 24 ornamental plants, 6 stain plants, 4 timber plants, 2 fiber plants, 2 industrial plants and 55 unknown plants.


Rare plants;Endemic plants;Naturalized plants;Useful plants


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