Evaluation 4D-CT Simulation used of Motion Organ and Tumor for Respiratory Gated Radiation Therapy

호흡동조방사선치료를 위한 4D-CT simulation을 이용한 동적장기와 종양 움직임 평가

  • Received : 2015.04.24
  • Accepted : 2015.07.13
  • Published : 2015.09.28


when the radiation therapy of chest and abdomen, evaluation of the tumor motion and the data was used to minimize damage to normal tissues by separating the tumor and normal tissue and maximize tumor therapeutic effect. Lung and liver cancer each 20 patients based on the 50% top phase using 4D-CT simulation and Light speed-16 of shooting equipment 30 ~ 70 % gating phase interval and 0 ~90 % movement in the full phase interval was measured. If the full phase 0 ~ 90% with gating phase 30~70% of tumors in the liver and lung is shown the biggest difference compared to the motion and the size of the GTV was the largest difference in the I(inferior), full phase 0~90% degree of tumor motion only when a relatively large, gating phase to 30~70% of the tumor when the movement has been found that the reduced average 7.1mm. In the 4D-CT simulation comparing the motion value when the full phase 0~90 % and gating phase 30~70 % when the motion value, twice in the gating phase 30~70 % more than full phase 0~90 % showed a small movement value. The exposure to normal tissues, based on the results obtained from the 4D-CT simulation can be significantly alleviated, After treatment will reduce pain and disability in patients with radiation is expected to be able to effective treatment.


4D-CT;GTV;Respiratory Gating Rdaiation(RGRT)


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