A study of Brain Micro-PET Imaging and Bindingpotential with a Different Specific Activity of 18F-Fallypride in the Small Animal

소동물에서 18F-Fallypride의 비방사능에 따른 뇌의 PET이미지와 Binding Potential 차이에 대한 연구

  • Received : 2015.04.20
  • Accepted : 2015.06.01
  • Published : 2015.09.28


In this study, we proceed if there are any changes in binding ability of receptor-ligand in some degree of SA and in radioactive uptake from the corpus striatum based on small animal experiment in vivo based on the S.A values. By dividing 18F-Fallypride into 3 S.A values(high S.A : 43.29~74 GBq/umol, ordinary S.A : 20.72~29.23 GBq/umol, low S.A : 6.29~8.51 GBq/umol), we injected directly into the veins and performed 90 minutes of dynamic scan using Micro PET. After scanning, we compared and analyzed with Binding Potential (Binding Potential) from the bilateral striatum. high SA and low SA, ordinary SA and low SA showed significant differences. Also, in the image comparison using 18F-Fallypride show high radioactive uptake in the striatum at high SA and ordinary SA, but the radioactive uptake at low SA is lower than other two SA. Since 18F-Fallypride has affinity to dopamine D2/3 pharmacokinetic, the difference of Binding Potentials at decreased level of SA values was not that significant. However, further PET research of the corpus striatum using 18F-Fallypride is necessary because the differences in images and Binding Potentials at 6.5 times smaller SA values compared to high SA value showed were significant.


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