유체에 잠긴 원통형 실린더의 파동 분산 특성

Jung, Byung-Kyoo;Hong, Chinsuk;Ryue, Jungsoo;Jeong, Weui-Bong;Shin, Ku-Kyun

  • 투고 : 2015.05.29
  • 심사 : 2015.07.09
  • 발행 : 2015.08.20


This paper deals with the dispersion relation of the waves sustained in a cylindrical shell submerged in the fluid. The waveguide finite method and the boundary element method are used to predict the dispersion characteristic of the cylindrical shell. The dispersion diagram of the cylinder is estimated from the eigenvalue problem and the forced vibration response. It follows that the water-loading leads to the decrease of the cut-on frequencies and the phase speeds of the bending waves. On the contrary, the longitudinal waves and the torsional waves are hardly affected by the fluid, and therefore the order of the cut-on frequencies of the waves is changed. The acoustic dispersion diagram is also estimated from the forced acoustic response to identify the characteristics of the wave radiated to the fluid. It follows that the acoustic waves on and near the surface of the cylinder are the same as those in the structure. But at the far field the acoustic waves caused by subsonic waves e.g., the bending waves disappear as the increase of the distance. Conclusively, the characteristics of waves in cylindrical shells are significantly affected by water-loading in terms of the cut-on frequency, the wave speed, the order of the cut-on and radiation.


분산선도;원통형 실린더;파동;도파관 유한요소법;파수경계요소법


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