Effects of Input Harmonics, DC Offset and Step Changes of the Fundamental Component on Single-Phase EPLL and Elimination

  • Luo, Linsong ;
  • Tian, Huixin ;
  • Wu, Fengjiang
  • Received : 2014.12.04
  • Accepted : 2015.04.05
  • Published : 2015.07.31


In this paper, the expressions of the estimated information of a single-phase enhanced phase-locked loop (EPLL), when input signal contains harmonics and a DC offset while the fundamental component takes step changes, are derived. The theoretical analysis results indicate that in the estimated information, the nth-order harmonics cause n+1th-order periodic ripples, and the DC offset causes a periodic ripple at the fundamental frequency. Step changes of the amplitude, phase angle and frequency of the fundamental component cause a transient periodic ripple at twice the frequency. These periodic ripples deteriorate the performance of the EPLL. A hybrid filter based EPLL (HF-EPLL) is proposed to eliminate these periodic ripples. A delay signal cancellation filter is set at the input of the EPLL to cancel the DC offset and even-order harmonics. A sliding Goertzel transform-based filter is introduced into the amplitude estimation loop and frequency estimation loop to eliminate the periodic ripples caused by the residual input odd-order harmonics and step change of the input fundamental component. The parameter design rules of the two filters are discussed in detail. Experimental waveforms of both the conventional EPLL and the proposed HF-EPLL are given and compared with each other to verify the theoretical analysis and advantages of the proposed HF-EPLL.


Delay signal cancellation;Enhanced phase-locked loop;Input DC offset and harmonics;Sliding Goertzel transform


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