Implementation of the Electronic Sensor System for Pedestrian Safety Based on Embedded

임베디드 기반의 보행자 안전을 위한 전자감응시스템 구현

  • Received : 2015.05.18
  • Accepted : 2015.07.06
  • Published : 2015.08.31


In some cases, despite the pedestrian jaywalking pedestrian traffic lights to red, or even wait for the walk signal to stand down in the driveway. If this is the case may be liable to lead to a traffic accident. Thus, using an infrared sensor wateuna adopted the approach that the warning announcement when a pedestrian enters the driveway, curved pedestrian crossing the intersection in this case, it is difficult to install. In this paper, we propose a Fitness referral system utilizes a built-in sensor of the Android mobile devices. For this purpose, the sensor is a proximity sensor using an acceleration sensor. The proximity sensor has a number of disadvantages compared to the high precision battery power, the acceleration sensor accuracy, fast response time, on the other hand, the disadvantage is the lower. Close to reduce battery consumption of the sensor, BMI of the user sensor control mechanism and increase the accuracy of the acceleration sensor (Body Mass Index) obtained after the index was applied to the recommendation algorithm, which like the movement mechanism.


Pedestrian Guide System;Sobel Image;Image Detection;ITS


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