A Study on the Guidelines of Proper Size and Construction Cost for Public Childcare Centers

국공립어린이집의 적정 면적 및 건설비 단가기준 설정

  • Kim, Sang Ho
  • 김상호
  • Received : 2015.04.03
  • Accepted : 2015.10.12
  • Published : 2015.10.30


The aim of this paper is to improve the standard of facility size on the current Infant Care Act and suggest the appropriate criteria of unit cost of construction. In this regard, it investigates and explores the general characteristics and the composition of construction expenses of child care centers which have been built or renovated in the last two years. As to proper size guidelines, it examines the way to rationalize the legal area guideline, $4.29m^2$ per capita, which was enacted in 1991, with consideration for the economic, social and political condition changes in the meanwhile. Regarding this, it is suggested for local governments to choose an unit area standard freely between $5.2m^2$ and $7.8m^2$. In terms of the unit cost criteria for construction, it considers the distinctiveness of childcare centers, and sets 2,087,500won per $1m^2$, which includes the 25% additional cost to general government office buildings, instead of the current amount of support from Ministry of Health and Welfare, 1,201,300won per $1m^2$. Additionally, it allows the deviation of ${\pm}15%$ reflecting regional variations, and suggests that each local government estimate the unit cost in the range from 1,774,000won to 2,400,000won.


Childcare Center;Public Childcare Center;Guidelines of Size and Cost


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