The Application Technology of Korean-style R&D in Verification for deploying the Neo-Korean Style Public Building - Focused on the R&D Technologies in Changed Drawings of Neo-Korean Style Public Daycare Center in Sunchang-gun, Korea -

Kim, Young-Hoon;Peck, Yoo-Jung;Park, Joon-Young

  • Received : 2015.09.11
  • Accepted : 2015.10.09
  • Published : 2015.10.31


Purpose: This study is to research how New-Hanok R&D technologies of first stage are appearing and adapted to the New-Hanok style public buildings, especially in Daycare Center in Sunchang-gun, Korea. Unlike Hanok houses, public buildings which has special needs for the public and restricted by laws and regulations need not only new system of law incentives but also new components of New-Hnaok R&D technologies used only in Hanok house. Method: For this purpose, we checked the drawings for Daycare Center in Sunchang-gun. The drawings have been changed 6 times for the purpose of adopting New-Hanok R&D technologies of first stage and actual needs for current laws and regulations for public buildings and it reveals not only the possibilities for adapting new technologies in New-Hanok but also meetings the current and public needs for public buildings. Result: The result of this study as follows. Approximately 40-50 percent of New-Hanok R&D technologies in the first stage are adapted in Daycare Center in Sunchang-gun, and this means there are limitations in adapting New-Hanok R&D which are mainly for the Korean style houses. The main reasons are the costs still remaining high and lacking in confidence for using traditional structures and materials still under verification. Some are changed and proposed in another solutions suitable for public buildings as like truss structure system in roof.


New-Hanok Type;Neo-Korean Style Public Building;Applied Techniques by part in Hanok;Public child care facilities


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Supported by : Korea Agency for Infrastructure Technology Advancement (KAIA)