Temporal Epidemiological Assessment of Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality in East Kazakhstan, 2004-2013

  • Zhabagin, Kuantkan (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Igissinov, Nurbek (Central Asia Cancer Institute) ;
  • Manambayeva, Zukhra (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Adylkhanov, Tasbolat (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Sandybayev, Marat (Semey Regional Oncology Center) ;
  • Nurgazin, Murat (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Massadykov, Adilzhan (Ust-Kamenogorsk City Emergency Hospital) ;
  • Tanatarov, Sayat (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Aldyngurov, Daniyar (Almaty Regional Oncology Hospital) ;
  • Urazalina, Nailya (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Abiltayeva, Aizhan (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Baissalbayeva, Ainoor (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Zhabagina, Almagul (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Sabitova, Dinara (Semey State Medical University) ;
  • Zhumykbayeva, Nurgul (Semey Regional Oncology Center) ;
  • Kenbayeva, Dinara (Astana Oncological Hospital) ;
  • Rakhimbekov, Alexander (Semey State Medical University)
  • Published : 2015.10.06


Colorectal cancer incidence and mortality in Kazakhstan are relatively high but exact statistics have hitherto been lacking and trends over time are unclear. The present study was therefore undertaken to retrospectively assess data for East Kazakhstan, accessed from the central registration office, for the period 2004-2013. Approximate age standardized data for incidence and mortality were generated and compared across age groups, gender and year. It was determined that during the studied period 3,417 new cases of colorectal cancer were registered and 2,259 died of this pathology. Average cancer cancer incidence and mortality over the ten years were $24.1/10^5$ and $15.9/10^5$ respectively, and the overall ratio of mortality/incidence (M/I) was 0.69:1 (range 0.58-0.73). Both incidence and mortality tended to remain constant in both males and females. The male to female ratios also did not significantly vary over time but a trend for improvement of the mortality to incidence ratio was observed, especially for rectum. Whether this might be related to screening remains unclear. These preliminary data indicate that whereas colorectal cancer continues to be important, change in environmental factors are not having a great impact on incidence in East Kazakhstan.


Colorectal cancer;incidence;mortality;trends;age dependence;East Kazakhstan


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