Repairing Facial Soft Tissue Defects by Swelling Anesthesia after Tumor Resection with Narrow Pedicle Flaps

  • Huang, Chun-Hui ;
  • Qian, Han-Gen ;
  • Zhao, Xiao-Yu ;
  • Shen, Guo-Liang ;
  • Lin, Wei ;
  • Qi, Qiang
  • Published : 2015.10.06


Aims: To investigate the role of swelling anesthesia in repairing facial soft tissue defects after tumor resection and temporal superficial artery frontal branch of narrow pedicle flap. Materials and Methods: From January 2008 to June 2008, 16 patients from Department of Ophthalmology with eye or eyelid tumors after eyeball removal of eye and part resection of surrounding soft tissue, undergoing postoperative swelling anesthesia with superficial temporal artery flap repair to prevent facial soft tissue defect formation and bone exposure, were recruited. Results: In all 16 patients facial soft tissue defect repair had good effects, with limited bleeding, and short operation times. Seven days after surgery, all flaps were in good repair. On postoperative follow-up after 3 months, flaps showed a similar appearance as with facial tissue. Conclusions: Swelling anesthesia for superficial temporoparietal artery frontal branch of narrow pedicle flap to repair soft tissue defect after facial tumor resection is feasible, and is linked with good analgesic effects, high postoperative survival of skin flaps, and good cosmetic effects.


Swelling anesthesia;narrow pedicle skin flap;tumor resection


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