Development of Preparation Technology for TiO2 Nanotube Photocatalyst

광촉매 활용을 위한 TiO2 나노튜브 제조기술 개발

Koo, Hyemin;Lee, Yongho;Pak, Daewon

  • Received : 2015.04.02
  • Accepted : 2015.06.16
  • Published : 2015.07.31


In this study $TiO_2$ nanotube was grown on Ti by anodic oxidation to be used as a photocatalyst. The growth and formation of $TiO_2$ nanotube was monitored during anodization in ethylene glycol electrolyte by changing voltage and composition of electrolyte. Commercially available titanium plate (purity>99.8%, thickness:1mm) Applied voltage and concentration of $NH_4F$ and $H_2O$ were varied to find the optimum condition. Applied voltage is important to make $TiO_2$ nanotube and the electrolyte containing ethylene glycol, 0.2 wt% $NH_4F$ and 2 vol% $H_2O$ was confirmed to be the optimum conditions for the formation and growth of $TiO_2$ nanotubes.


Anodizing;Current density;Photocatalyst;$TiO_2$ nanotube


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