A Study on Maritime Traffic Characteristics according to Water Time(Multte)

물때에 따른 해상교통특성에 관한 연구

Yoo, Sang-Lok;Jeong, Cho-Young;Jeong, Jae-Yong

  • Received : 2015.07.08
  • Accepted : 2015.10.27
  • Published : 2015.10.31


This study seeks to analyze ships traffic characteristics according to water time in order to provide the necessary data for efficient traffic management development. To analyze maritime traffic volume according to water time, 1 year amount of solar calendar data were converted into lunar calendar, and then applied the traditional water time system of West Sea by using AIS(Automatic Identification System) observation data gathered in Mokpo port for a year of 2013. As a result, it was found herein that the number of outbound ships was larger on the $2^{nd}-3^{nd}$ water times than the $7^{th}$ water times by 23-24 %. And the number of inbound ships was higher on the $12^{th}-13^{th}$ water times than the $9^{th}$ water time by 29-33 %. The hourly variation index of inbound and outbound ships according to time, in particular, was found to change in the form of sine function model. This study is expected to serve as a necessary basic material for development of maritime traffic management according to water time.


Water time;Traffic characteristics;AIS;Traffic volume;Maritime traffic management


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