CFD simulations of the fluid flow behavior in a spacer-filled membrane module

  • Jun, Chen L. ;
  • Xiang, Jia Y. ;
  • Dong, Hu Y.
  • Received : 2014.11.04
  • Accepted : 2015.11.05
  • Published : 2015.11.25


In this study, the effects of the angles of spacer filaments and the different feed Reynolds number on the fluid flow behavior have been investigated. Three-dimensional computational fluid dynamics (CFD) study is carried out for fluid flow through rectangular channels within different angles ($30^{\circ}$, $40^{\circ}$, $50^{\circ}$, $60^{\circ}$, $70^{\circ}$, $80^{\circ}$, $90^{\circ}$, $100^{\circ}$, $110^{\circ}$, $120^{\circ}$, respectively) between two filaments of spacer for membrane modules. The results show that the feed Reynolds number and the angles of spacer filaments have an important influence on pressure drop. While the feed Reynolds number is fixed, the optimal angle of spacer should be between $80^{\circ}$ to $90^{\circ}$, because the pressure drop is not only relatively small, but also high flow rate region expanded significantly with the increase of the angles between $80^{\circ}$ to $90^{\circ}$.The Contours of velocities and change of the average shear stress with the different angle of spacer filaments confirm the conclusion.


computational fluid dynamics (CFD);membrane spacers;pressure drop


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