Study on the Characteristics of PM Distribution in Coastal and Inland Cities Correlation and Its Correlation

해안 및 내륙도시 내 토지이용도별 미세먼지 분포 특성 및 상호 관련성에 관한 연구

Han, Seung-Wook;Lee, Soon-Hwan;Lee, Hwa-woon

  • Received : 2015.10.22
  • Accepted : 2015.11.13
  • Published : 2015.11.30


In order to clarify the characteristics of PM10 in coastal and inland cities and their variation statistical analysis were carried out using environmental and meteorological data observed at Busan and Daegu metropolitans during 4 year from 2010. Averaged PM10 concentration was higher in industrial area than any other land-use sites, and its maximum value reach on over $50{\mu}g/m^3$ at Jangrim site in Busan. Temporal and spatial variations of PM10 concentration in Busan were more sharply, since topograph and mesoscale wind pattern in Busan is more complicated than those in Daegu. Correlation of PM10 concentrations between sites within Daegu appeared strongly and maximum values $R^2$ is about 0.8. This indicate that because wind pattern induced by mesoscale forcing in Daegu are well unified, the variation of PM10 concentration tends to be similar in all sites within Daegu. However, due to complicate wind pattern induced by topography and coastal line, PM10 correlation of sites within Busan was weaker in comparison with in Daegu. And correlation of PM10 at same lane-use in Busan and Daegu tend to be related to the intensity of meteorological forcing, which can decide the intensity of wind pattern.


Particle matter(PM);Land-use;Correlation;Busan;Daegu


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