Hydroforming of a Non-axisymmetric Thin-walled Tubular Component with Variable Cross Sections

가변 단면을 가지는 비대칭 얇은 관 부품의 액압성형 연구

Kang, H.S.;Joo, B.D.;Hwang, T.W.;Moon, Y.H.

  • Received : 2015.07.21
  • Accepted : 2015.08.13
  • Published : 2015.10.01


Hydroforming of a non-axisymmetric thin-walled tubular component with variable cross sections was analyzed. In order to solve the sealing problem which occurred due to the thin and non-axisymmetric shape, the use of a lead patch on the punch, which had been successful in hydroforming of thin tubes, was evaluated. A lead patch was attached to the punch to solve the sealing problem, which was caused by the stress gradient in the non-axisymmetric shape. FEM and experiments were also performed to analyze these sealing problems associated with the punch shape and non-axisymmetric shape. Finally, the lead patch was attached at tube surface where intensive local strain concentration would occur to enhance the hydroformability. These methods were successfully used to fabricate non-axisymmetric thin-walled tubular component with variable cross sections that had previously failed during traditional hydroforming.


Hydroforming;Thin-wall Tube;Non-axisymmetric Shape;Variable Cross Sections;Sealing Problem;Lead Patch


Grant : 첨단 기계부품소재 인력양성사업단