Single-Phase Multilevel PWM Inverter Based on H-bridge and its Harmonics Analysis

Choi, Woo-Seok;Nam, Hae-Kon;Park, Sung-Jun

  • Received : 2014.12.29
  • Accepted : 2015.04.19
  • Published : 2015.09.20


The efficient electric power demand management in electric power supply industry is currently being changed by distributed generation. Meanwhile, small-scale distributed generation systems using renewable energy are being constructed worldwide. Several small-scale renewable distributed generation systems, which can supply electricity to the grid at peak load of the grid as per policy such as demand response programs, could help in the stability of the electric power demand management. In this case, the power quality of the small-scale renewable distributed generation system is more significant. Low prices of power semiconductors and multilevel inverters with high power quality have been recently investigated. However, the conventional multilevel inverter topology is unsuitable for the small-scale renewable distributed generation system, because the number of devices of such topology increases with increasing output voltage level. In this paper, a single-phase multilevel inverter based on H-bridge, with DC_Link divided by bi-directional switches, is proposed. The proposed topology has almost half the number of devices of the conventional multilevel inverter topology when these inverters have the same output voltage level. Double Fourier series solution is mainly used when comparing PWM output harmonic components of various inverter topologies. Harmonic components of the proposed multilevel inverter, which have been analyzed by double Fourier series, are compared with those of the conventional multilevel inverter. An inverter prototype is then developed to verify the validity of the theoretical analysis.


Double Fourier series;Multilevel inverter;Single-phase inverter;Single-phase multilevel inverter


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