Thermophilic bacillus로 제조한 속성 도루묵(Arctoscopus japoncus) 액젓의 이화학적 특성

Nam, Ki Ho;Jang, Mi Soon;Park, Hee Yeon;Kwak, Won Ju

  • 투고 : 2015.10.07
  • 심사 : 2015.10.29
  • 발행 : 2015.10.31


This study was conducted to characterize the rapidly processed salt-fermented sandfish sauce added Bacillus coagurance KM-1 (RSSS) and commercial salt-fermented sandfish sauce (CSSS 1, 2). Contents of total nitrogen and amino nitrogen were higher in CSSS 1,2 than in RSSS (P<0.05). Total free amino acid contents of RSSS and CSSS 1,2 were 1,121.2±100 mg/100 g, 1,553.6±98.2 mg/100 g and 1,507.3±99.8 mg/100 g. Major free amino acid of RSSS was glutamic acid (194.4±17.3 mg/100 g), alanine (140.8±12.6 mg/100 g), lysine (135.1±12.1 mg/100 g), leucine (109.8±9.8 mg/100 g), aspartic acid (103.0±9.2 mg/100 g), valine (73.5±6.6 mg/100 g) in ordor. The samples were caused by their composition of the free amino acids rations, in which were umami, sweet and bitter taste in the salt-fermented sandfish sauce during fermentation. The Na was the largest mineral followed by K, Mg, P, Ca in the samples (P<0.05). Sensory evaluation result of samples, CSSS 1 was the highest than the others in overall acceptance.


Thermophilic bacillus;Physiochemical characteristics;Sandfish sauce;Rapid processing;Fermentation

피인용 문헌

  1. Changes in the Physiochemical Quality of Sailfin Sandfish Arctoscopus japonicus Sauces Fermented with Soybean Koji or Rice Koji during Storage at Room Temperature vol.49, pp.2, 2016,