Phylogenetic Characterization of White Hanwoo Using the Mitochondrial Cytochrome b Gene

mtDNA cytochrome b 분석을 통한 백한우의 계통유전학적 특성 분석

  • Received : 2015.06.19
  • Accepted : 2015.08.10
  • Published : 2015.09.30


The goals of this study were to identify sequence variations in the mitochondrial cytochrome b (mtDNA cyt b) gene in White Hanwoo (Wh) and the genetic relationship between the Wh and other breeds. When whole sequences of the mtDNA cyt b gene in 14 Wh cattle were determined, a silent mutation and two haplotypes were detected in the Wh cattle. The major haplotype, H1, was found in 13 of 14 individuals in the Wh cattle. Haplotype diversity and nucleotide diversity were 0.143 and 0.00013, respectively. Compared to previous reports, these levels of genetic diversity are lower than other Korean and Chinese breeds. To identify the genetic relationship among Korean, Chinese, Japanese, and European cattle breeds, the neighbor-joining (NJ) tree was constructed based on Dxy genetic distances. Two distinct groups were identified and classified as A and B. Wh was found in the A group, which consisted of Bos taurus breeds. From calculating the Dxy genetic distances, Wh was found to be genetically more closely related to two breeds, Heugu (0.00018) and Yanbian (0.00021), than to other breeds. In conclusion, Wh is genetically related to Chikso, Heugu, and Yanbian breeds based on maternal inheritance. The results of this study will be useful for efficient management and sustainable utilization of Wh.


Cattle;cytochrome b;mtDNA;relationship;White Hanwoo


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