A Review : Improvement of Electrical Performance in the Oxide Semiconductor Thin Film Transistor Using Various Treatment

산화물 반도체의 다양한 처리를 통한 박막트랜지스터의 전기적 특성 향상

Kim, Taeyong;Jang, Kyungsoo;Raja, Jayapal;Phu, Nguyen Thi Cam;Lee, Sojin;Kang, Seungmin;Trinh, Than Thuy;Lee, Youn-Jung;Yi, Junsin

  • Received : 2015.11.04
  • Accepted : 2015.12.24
  • Published : 2016.01.01


The ultimate aims of display market is transparent or flexible. Researches have been carried out for various applications. It has been possible to reduced the process steps and get good electrical properties for semiconductors with large optical bandgaps. Oxide semiconductors have been established as one of the leading and promising technology for next generation display panels. In this paper, alternative treatment processes have been tried for oxide semiconductors of thin film transistors to increase the electrical properties of the thin film transistors and to investigate the mechanisms. There exist a various oxide semiconductors. Here, we focused on InGaZnO, ZnO and InSnZnO which are commercialized or researched actively.


InGaZnO;ZnO;InSnZnO;Hydrogenation;N-doped;Oxide TFTs


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Supported by : National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF)