• Xu, Na (School of Mathematical Sciences Xiamen University) ;
  • Zhong, Chun-Ping (School of Mathematical Sciences Xiamen University)
  • Received : 2014.10.26
  • Published : 2016.01.31


For a transcendental entire function f(z) with zero order, the purpose of this article is to study the value distributions of q-difference polynomial $f(qz)-a(f(z))^n$ and $f(q_1z)f(q_2z){\cdots}f(q_mz)-a(f(z))^n$. The property of entire solution of a certain q-difference equation is also considered.


q-difference polynomial;value distribution;entire function


Supported by : National Natural Science Foundation of China, Natural Science Foundation of Fujian Province of China for Distinguished Young Scholars


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