Formation Process and Structure of Lamellar Grain Boundaries in Titanium Rich TiAl Intermetallics

  • Han, Chang-Suk ;
  • Lim, Sang-Yeon
  • Received : 2015.10.21
  • Accepted : 2015.12.11
  • Published : 2016.01.27


Morphology and formation processes of lamellar grain boundaries in titanium rich binary TiAl intermetallics were studied. TiAl alloys containing aluminum content of 44 to 48 at.% were induction-heated to 1723 K followed by helium-gas-quenching at various temperatures. For the Ti-44%Al, few lamellae were observed in samples quenched from higher than 1473 K. Although small peaks of beta phase were detected using X-ray diffraction, only the ordered hexagonal phase (${\alpha}_2$) with clear APB contrast was observed in TEM observation. For the Ti-48 at.%Al alloy, almost no lamellar structure, and straight grain boundaries were observed in samples quenched from higher than 1623 K. The formation of lamellae along grain boundaries was observed in the sample quenched from 1573 K. The fully lamellar microstructures with serrated boundaries were observed in samples quenched from lower than 1473 K. It was found that the formation of ${\gamma}$ platelets took place at higher temperatures in Ti-48 at.%Al than in Ti-44 at.%Al. Although the size of the serration is different, serrated lamellar grain boundaries could be obtained for all alloy compositions employed. The serration appeared to be due to the grain boundary migration induced by precipitation and growth of ${\gamma}$. Differences in transformation characteristics with aluminum content are discussed.


lamellar grain boundary;TiAl;serration;precipitation;aluminum content


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Supported by : Ministry of Trade, Industry and energy(MOTIE)