Study of Growth and Temperature Dependence of SnS Thin Films Using a Rapid Thermal Processing

황화급속열처리를 이용한 SnS 박막성장 및 온도의존성 연구

Shim, Ji-Hyun;Kim, Jeha

  • Received : 2015.12.07
  • Accepted : 2016.01.22
  • Published : 2016.02.01


We fabricated a tin sulfide (SnS) layer with Sn/Mo/glass layers followed by a RTP (rapid thermal processing), and studied the film growth and structural characteristics as a function of annealing temperature and time. The elemental sulfur (S) was cracked thermally and applied to form SnS polycrystalline film out of the Sn percursor at pre-determined pressures in the RTP tube. The sulfurization was done at the temperature from $200^{\circ}C$ to $500^{\circ}C$ for a time period of 10 to 40 min. At ${\leq}300^{\circ}C$, 20 min., p-type SnS thin films was grown and showed the best composition of at.% of [S]/[Sn] $${\sim_=}$$ 1 and [111] preferred orientation as investigated from using XRD (X-ray diffraction) analysis and EDS (energy dispersive spectroscopy) and SEM (scanning electron microscopy), and optical absorption by a UV-VIS spectrometer. In this paper, we report the details of growth characteristics of single phase SnS thin film as a function of annealing temperature and time associated with the pressure and ambient gas in the RTP tube.


Tin sulfide (SnS);Rapid thermal process;Sulfurization;Elemental sulfur(S);Annealing temperature


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