Effect of the Si-C Powder Prepared by Mechanical Alloying on the Densification of Silicon Carbide Powder

Yoon, Bola;Lee, Sea-Hoon;Lee, Heesoo;Hwang, Geumchan;Kim, Byungsook

  • Received : 2015.10.15
  • Accepted : 2015.11.24
  • Published : 2016.01.31


High purity Si-C (99.999%) powder prepared by mechanical alloying was added to a commercial SiC powder as a sintering additive. Reaction bonded silicon carbide balls and jars with high purity (99.98%) were used for the mechanical alloying. As a result, the purity of the sintered Si-C was higher than 99.99%. When sintered at $2200^{\circ}C$ under 50 MPa pressure for 1 h, SiC containing 10 wt% of high purity Si-C showed a relative density of 95.3%, similar to the relative density of commercial SiC (95%). However, the relative density of SiC decreased to 90.6% without the additive when the applied pressure decreased to 40 MPa. In contrast, the relative density was nearly unaffected by the decrease of the pressure when using the Si-C additive. Therefore, the addition of Si-C powder promoted the densification of SiC above $2000^{\circ}C$ under 40 MPa pressure.


Nanoparticulates;Silicon carbide;Solid state sintering;Powders


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