Comparison and Analysis on magnetic structures of Switched Reluctance Motors

Switched Reluctance Motor의 자기적 구조에 대한 비교 해석

  • Received : 2015.10.02
  • Accepted : 2015.12.04
  • Published : 2016.01.31


SRM is designed to meet operating standards such as low cost, simple magnetic structure, a desired operating speed range, high efficiency, high performance, and good matching for DC power. The magnetic flux of SRM is independent of its direction to develop a torque and it allows the flexible characteristics of the magnetic structure for SRM. In this paper, SRM can widely classify two types, Radial-Flux SRM and Axial-Flux SRM, according to the flux direction. Radial-Flux SRM includes Conventional, Segmented stator and rotor, and Double stator SRM, etc. and Axial-Flux SRM includes C-core stator and the Axial-airgap SRM. This paper is subjected the basic characteristics to select the best of the magnetic structure of SRM in the appropriate application by the classification of SRM.


magnetic structures;Radial-Flux SRM;Axial-Flux SRM;classification


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