Edge stresses analysis in thick composite panels subjected to axial loading using layerwise formulation



Ahmadi, Isa

  • 투고 : 2015.10.06
  • 심사 : 2016.01.21
  • 발행 : 2016.02.25


Based on a reduced displacement field, a layer-wise (LW) formulation is developed for analysis of thick shell panels which is subjected to axial tension. Employing the principle of minimum total potential energy, the local governing equations of thick panel which is subjected to axial extension are obtained. An analytical method is developed for solution of the governing equations for various edge conditions. The governing equations are solved for free and simply supported edge conditions. The interlaminar stresses in the panel are investigated by means of Hooke's law and also by means of integration of the equilibrium equations of elasticity. Dependency of the result upon the number of numerical layers in the layerwise theory (LWT) is studied. The accuracy of the numerical results is validated by comparison with the results of the finite element method and with other available results in the open literature and good agreement is seen between the results. Numerical results are then presented for the distribution of interlaminar normal and shear stresses within the symmetric and un-symmetric cross-ply thick panels with free and simply supported boundaries. The effects of the geometrical parameters such as radius to thickness and width to thickness ratio are investigated on the distribution of the interlaminar stresses in thick panels.


thick shell panel;interlaminar stresses;layerwise theory;cross-ply laminate;free edge;simply supported edge


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