Development of a Batch-mode-based Comparison System for 3D Piping CAD Models of Offshore Plants

Aveva Marine과 SmartMarine 3D간의 해양 플랜트 3D 배관 CAD 모델의 배치모드 기반 비교 시스템 개발

Lee, Jaesun;Kim, Byung Chul;Cheon, Sanguk;Cho, Mincheol;Lee, Gwang;Mun, Duhwan

  • Received : 2015.11.09
  • Accepted : 2015.12.17
  • Published : 2016.03.01


When a plant owner requests plant 3D CAD models in the format that a shipbuilding company does not use, the shipyard manually re-models plant 3D CAD models according to the owner's requirement. Therefore, it is important to develop a technology to compare the re-modeled plant 3D CAD models with original ones and to quantitatively evaluate similarity between two models. In the previous study, we developed a graphic user interface (GUI)-based comparison system where a user evaluates similarity between original and re-modeled plant 3D CAD models for piping design at the level of unit. However, an offshore plant consists of thousands of units and thus a system which compares several plant 3D CAD models at unit-level without human intervention is necessary. For this, we developed a new batch model comparison system which automatically evaluates similarity of several unit-level plant 3D CAD models using an extensible markup language (XML) file storing file location and name data about a set of plant 3D CAD models. This paper suggests system configuration of a batch-mode-based comparison system and discusses its core functions. For the verification of the developed system, comparison experiments for offshore plant 3D piping CAD models using the system were performed. From the experiments, we confirmed that similarities for several plant 3D CAD models at unit-level were evaluated without human intervention.


3D CAD model;Aveva Marine;Batch mode;Offshore plant;Similarity evaluation;SmartMarine 3D


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