Research and Promotion of Local Government Consolidation Plan -Focusing on Andong-si and Yecheon-gun-

지방자치단체 통합의 과제와 추진방안에 관한 연구 -안동시와 예천군을 중심으로-

  • 권기창 (안동대학교 한국문화산업전문대학원/안동대학교 창조산업연구소)
  • Received : 2015.07.31
  • Accepted : 2015.08.24
  • Published : 2016.02.28


Gyeongsangbuk-do moved its provincial office in October, 2015 and has been building a new town with a goal to construct a truly self-sufficient city with the population of 100,000 people before 2027. However, a new town tends to be dualized in terms of its administrative districts, so it is raising a lot of problems regarding from city construction up to operation. In order to solve those problems, this author has selected Si Gun Gu integration that was chosen as a major task to do in 2012 among the basic plans to revise the local administration system announced by the promotional committee to reorganize administrative districts as the range of this research and analyzed how it is going on in Andong-si and Yecheon-gun where a provincial office new town is being constructed. The main contents of this study regard the theoretical model to reform the local administration system, basic plans to revise the local administration system, and necessity and directions for reorganizing administrative districts in Andong-si and Yecheon-gun. Based on that, this author suggests integration of administrative districts as a way for a provincial office new town to establish its identity and grow as a sustainable, new growth focus city in Gyeongsangbuk-do.


Reorganizing Local Autonomous Districts;Integrating Administrative Districts the Local Administration System


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