Research on Uncomfortableness and Customer Needs of Life-type Protection Mask -Focused on UV Protection Mask and Dust Protection Mask-

생활형 보호마스크에 대한 소비자 불편사항 및 요구특성 분석 -자외선 차단마스크와 황사/미세먼지 차단마스크를 중심으로-

Kang, Yeo Sun

  • Received : 2015.07.31
  • Accepted : 2015.09.16
  • Published : 2016.02.29


This research provides practical data to develop UV protection masks and dust protection masks. It surveyed uncomfortable factors and significant characteristics for masks. It used 653 subjects 20-79 years old and performed the research from April to May in 2014. Wearing masks at outdoor activities is not widely popular yet, but golf players, mountaineers and old people were quite interested in masks. People mainly wore a basic shape mask, but main age group of each mask shape was different. People usually prioritized the protection function and comfort of wearing over design; however, women, young generation and people attending to outdoor activities longer than 1 hour considered design quite important. People going on picnic or camping consider mask characteristics most important. Therefore, various mask shapes and protective functions should be developed to reflect consumer needs. Meanwhile, the discomfort levels of masks were not too high, but old people felt more discomfort than young people. The most discomfort factors were 'other's eye', 'distracting face movement' and 'feeling of foreign object'. They also mentioned falling problem of C shape mask and short-rib shape mask, and asked for a 'tighter fit' at the ear.


Protection mask;Life-type mask;UV protection;Micro dust;Asian dust


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