A Study on the Long-term Repair Plan for Additional Energy Saving Elements in Zero Energy Housing Complex

제로에너지 공동주택 추가 공사요소의 장기수선충당금 분석 연구

  • Lim, In-Hyok ;
  • Son, Eun-Jeong ;
  • Lee, Myoung-Ju
  • 임인혁 ;
  • 손은정 ;
  • 이명주
  • Received : 2015.11.05
  • Accepted : 2016.02.18
  • Published : 2016.02.29


The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport had announced 'Building Energy Performance Improvement Plan' to achieve Zero Energy building with sufficient thermal insulation capability by 2025. However, the uncertainty regarding the high initial investment costs and the excessive repair costs had been a concern in the construction market and impeding the prevalence of zero energy houses. By analysing the long-term repair cycle and costs for the additional energy saving elements from the Zero Energy Housing Complex in Nowon-gu, this study aims to provide a basis for the long-term repair plan budgeting guidelines in order to benefit future Zero Energy housing cost estimation process. As a result of the anlaysis, the large-scale long-term repair occurred after the completion of the 25th-year(for elements of external insulation, hign insulation windows and heat recovery ventilation system) and 30 year cycle(for elements of high insulation doors and photovoltaic equipment). The additional long-term repair costs for each household was analyzed by 28,988 won/month. In the case of the future active construction market, the additional costs is expected to decrease.


Zero Energy Building;Multi-unit Dwelling;Maintenance;Long-term Repair Plan;Special Repair Appropriation Fund


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