A Study on the Usage Change of National Land in Keijo(京城) Focus on Surrounding Area Near #193, 2nd-Hwanggeum-Jeong(黃金町)

  • Sim, Eun Ae (Department of Architecture, Hanyang Univ.) ;
  • Han, Dong Soo (Department of Architecture, Hanyang Univ.)
  • Received : 2016.10.30
  • Accepted : 2016.12.14
  • Published : 2016.12.30


This study investigates the course of transformation of the capital city of the Korean Empire into a colonial city during the Japanese rule by focusing on state-owned lands at and near #193, 2nd jeongmok(丁目), Hwanggeum-jeong(黃金町) in Keijo(京城). The study reveals that although the colonial rulers had made it apparent that they acted in the benefit of the Korean Empire, in reality, they had taken dexterous and gradual steps to change the purpose of the lands in order to utilize them as desired. Briefly, the usage of the lands was changed several times from Daedong-gurakbu(大同俱樂部) to Gyeongseong Exposition(京城博覽會) and to Nongsanggongbu Office(農 商工部) up until the Japan-Korea Annexation Treaty. Following this, the lands were bestowed upon the pro-Japanese, including Guijokhoigwan(貴族會館), as a means of Japan's assimilation policy. The changes in the usage of the buildings on the lands and the land use show how the rulers' intentions were reflected in the space of the ruled.


Keijo(京城);Hwanggeum-Jeong(黃金町);National Land(國有地);Land Use;Seoul;Street


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