The difference of metabolic profile between male and female zebrafish

Yoon, Dahye;Choi, Jin;Choi, Hyeonsoo;Kim, Suhkmann

  • 투고 : 2016.01.12
  • 심사 : 2016.02.19
  • 발행 : 2016.03.20


Various experiments using zebrafish have been highlighted recently in the scientific community. Because it is possible to conduct practical experiment from various neurological research to area of genetic study or toxicity experiment. However, gender difference effects are nearly not considered. If the gender differences of zebrafish are considered it is possible to obtain more accurate data. In this study, zebrafish which have different genders were compared each other with NMR-based metabolomics. The extracts of male and female zebrafish were measured by 600 MHz NMR spectrometer. Statistical analysis and target profiling were conducted. As a result, muscle related metabolites were observed in male zebrafish and nerve related metabolites were observed in female zebrafish.


NMR spectroscopy;Metabolomics;Zebrafish;Pattern recognition;Target profiling


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