Establishment and Clinical Application of an Electronic Database for Breast Cancer in China

  • Lv, Yong-Gang ;
  • Huang, Mei-Ling ;
  • Xiao, Jing-Jing ;
  • Ling, Rui
  • Published : 2016.03.07


Purpose: To establish a database for breast cancer patients to save and manage clinical data and to preliminarily investigate its clinical application. Materials and Methods: Information on breast cancer patients hospitalized in our department from 2008.01 to 2013.01 were input into our breast cancer management system. SPSS 16.0 software was used as a convenient reference to evaluate the accuracy of the newly built database. Results: A database of 2403 breast cancer patients was successfully established. Information in the database clearly displayed capabilities of storage, addition, retrieval, statistical analysis and other functions. As the continuously updated database showed, the distribution of age, sex, nationality, allergy history, pausimenia and marriage of patients was identical to that achieved by SPSS analysis, indicating reliable and accurate data analysis. Conclusions: The described database is easy and convenient to operate and manage, and should prove suitable for application in clinical research and treatment.


Breast cancer;database;electronic management;China


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Supported by : National Science Foundation of China