Curvature ductility of high strength concrete beams according to Eurocode 2



Bouzid, Haytham;Kassoul, Amar

  • 투고 : 2014.12.05
  • 심사 : 2015.12.23
  • 발행 : 2016.04.10


Recently, the high-strength concrete is increasingly used in the construction of reinforced concrete structures due to its benefits, but this use is influenced negatively on the local ductility of structural elements. The objective of this study is the prediction of a new approach to evaluate the curvature ductility factor of high strength concrete beams according to Eurocode 2. After the presentation of the Constitutive laws of materials and the evaluation method of curvature ductility according to the Eurocode 2, we conduct a parametric study on the factors influencing the curvature ductility of inflected sections. The calibrating of the obtained results allows predicting a very simple approach for estimating the curvature ductility factor. The proposed formula allows to calculate the curvature ductility factor of high strength concrete beams directly according to the concrete strength $f_{ck}$, the yield strength of steel $f_{yk}$ and the ratio of tension and compression reinforcements ${\rho}$ and ${\rho}^{\prime}$ respectively, this proposed formula is validated by theoretical and experimental results of different researchers.


Eurocode 2;beam;reinforcement;curvature ductility;high strength concrete


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