High-Performance Control of Three-Phase Four-Wire DVR Systems using Feedback Linearization

Jeong, Seon-Yeong;Nguyen, Thanh Hai;Le, Quoc Anh;Lee, Dong-Choon

  • Received : 2015.06.14
  • Accepted : 2015.09.11
  • Published : 2016.01.20


Power quality is a critical issue in distribution systems, where a dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is commonly used to mitigate the voltage disturbances for loads. This paper deals with a nonlinear control for the three-phase four-wire (3P-4W) DVR under a grid voltage unbalance and nonlinear loads in the distribution system, where a novel control scheme based on the feedback linearization technique is proposed. Through feedback linearization, a nonlinear model of a DVR with a PWM voltage-source inverter (VSI) and LC filters is linearized. Then, the controller design of the linearized model is performed by applying the linear control theory, where the load voltages are kept constant by controlling the d-q-0 axis components of the DVR output voltages. To keep the load voltage unchanged, an in-phase compensation strategy is employed, where the load voltages are recovered to be the same as the previous voltage without a change in the magnitude. With this strategy, the performance of the DVR becomes faster and more stable even under unbalanced source voltages and nonlinear loads. The validity of the proposed control strategy has been verified by simulation and experimental results.


Dynamic voltage restorers;feedback linearization;SOGI-PLL;three-phase four-wire VSI;voltage unbalance


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