0.25 μm AlGaN/GaN HEMT Devices and 9 GHz Power Amplifier

0.25 μm AlGaN/GaN HEMT 소자 및 9 GHz 대역 전력증폭기

Kang, Dong-Min;Min, Byoung-Gue;Lee, Jong-Min;Yoon, Hyung-Sup;Kim, Sung-Il;Ahn, Ho-Kyun;Kim, Dong-Young;Kim, Hae-Cheon;Lim, Jong-Won;Nam, Eun-Soo

  • Received : 2015.09.21
  • Accepted : 2015.11.09
  • Published : 2016.01.31


This paper describes the successful development and the performance of X-band 50 W pulsed power amplifier using a 50 W GaN-on-SiC high electron mobility transistor. The GaN HEMT with a gate length of $0.25{\mu}m$ and a total gate width of 12 mm were fabricated. The X-band pulsed power amplifier exhibited an output power of 50 W with a power gain of 6 dB in a frequency range of 9.2~9.5 GHz. It also shows a maximum output power density of 4.16 W/mm. This 50 W GaN HEMT and X-band 50 W pulsed power amplifier are suitable for the radar systems and related applications in X-band.




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Grant : 고효율 GaN 기반 기지국/단말기용 핵심부품 및 모듈 개발

Supported by : 정보통신기술진흥센터