A Body-Area Localization Technique for WUSB over WBAN Communication

WUSB over WBAN 통신을 위한 신체 영역 위치 인식 기술

Hur, Kyeong

  • Received : 2015.10.19
  • Accepted : 20151131
  • Published : 2016.03.31


In this Paper, we propose a body-area localization technique based on WUSB (Wireless USB) over WBAN (Wireless Body Area Networks) protocol required for wearable computer systems. The proposed localization algorithm is executed on the basis of WUSB over WBAN protocol at each sensor node comprising peripherals of a wearable computer system. To increase the accuracy of input information through various body motions in wearable computer systems, a new localization technique with high precision must be developed. To achieve the goal, This paper proposes a combined TDoA/FDoA/AoA (Time Of Arrival/Time Difference Of Arrival/Angle Of Arrival) localization technique with more than four WUSB over WBAN devices to estimate body-area location accurately. The combined TDoA/FDoA/AoA technique reduces 10mm in location estimation errors comparing with a combined TDoA/FDoA technique. This performance enhancement in location error reduction can be ignored at other systems but is meaningful results in body-area localization-based communications.


Localization;Wearable Computer;UWB;WBAN (Wireless Body Area Networks);Wireless USB


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Supported by : Gyeongin National University of Education